When we were considering what our theme would be, long before the pandemic arrived, our first thoughts were that we wanted to use our year as Mayor and Mayoress to celebrate the work of some of the smaller local charities that support those from marginalised groups. There are so many brilliant charities doing great work in Colchester, but we were unanimous in being drawn to choose the ones we did. As we drew up our list, the evident diversity amongst those charities led us to focus on that aspect. We realised too that many of the people who are helped by our chosen charities will face prejudice in their daily lives. Equally, we wondered whether the very choice of charities themselves may provoke unfavorable comments.

This crystalised our thinking…. to celebrate the wonderful diversity in the Borough of Colchester and to challenge prejudice at every opportunity.

Please take a look at this short video which introduces the wonderful work our charities are doing.


Click each box below to link directly to the charity websites.

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Supporting minority youth and women locally and nationally.

One of our favourite places to be.

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Providing supported housing for 16-25 year olds who have found themselves in crisis.

Supporting people experiencing or who have previously experienced domestic abuse.

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Offering support and information to LGBTQ+ people in Essex.